How To Trade

Our quality softwares and support with get your started in no time.
You will wonder how can it be this easy.

To receive your coins that was on, register a DC-EX account with the same email you used on

Desktop Wllet

The best and most secure way to store your PIPs! Encrypt your wallet and be safe from hacker attacks. Also gain more coins through PoS of 1% per year, so make sure to collect those PIPs! The following Wallets are avbailable to choose from

Download Windows Wallet Download Linux Wallet Download OS X Wallet Source code Github

Online Wallet

Always on the move? Store your PIPs on the Online Wallet to have access over your funds wherever whenever! ALL coin holders register a new account as you won't be able to log onto your old account.

Exchange on live platform

Trading peer-to-peer with international demand including PIP/BTC and PIP/ETH trading pairs and the first e-currency exchange platform including PM/PIP.

Visit DC-EX


How to fund your account on DC-EX

1) Once you have logged in go to Finance.

2) Check for Bitcoin account and select Deposit.

3) Copy and use the address to deposit Bitcoin into into DC-EX.


3) Select QR Code if you'd like to scan and send it.

How to buy PIPCOIN on DC-EX

1) Once your account have been funded, select Exchange in the top right toolbar

2) and under Markets select BTC/PIP

3) Scroll down to sell orders and select the first sell order available. (This is traders with pending transactions waiting for buyers)

4) Enter the PIP Qty you would like to purchase and check to see if the total Bitcoin neccassary for trade to take place and click

5) Buy!!!